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Cat dugdale

laura fluin

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connie mace

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bonnie simons

3Fall Youth is a dance company running for its third year in collaboration with The University of Chichester and Shoreham Academy.


This year students in their third year at The University of Chichester, Cat Dugdale, Laura Fluin, Connie Mace and Bonnie Simons, are working as associate choreographers for the company.


The company will work to create a piece that will be performed as a curtain raiser for 3Fall Dance Company at various locations as well as being entered into local platforms.


Our aim is to give young dancers the experience of being in a dance company, giving them valuable insights into working with choreographers and performing at different venues. The company also works to build a strong relationship between Shoreham Academy, The University of Chichester and 3Fall Dance Company and aims to inspire and encourage students to pursue dance in further education.

Cat, Laura, Connie and Bonnie are excited to work with 3Fall Youth to develop their choreographic skills working with younger dancers. They are aiming to create a challenging and dynamic piece for the dancers and take them to some exciting platforms to perform at. The piece will be intricate and push the dancers and their physicality.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates and look out for our 3Fall youth Showreel coming soon!